rpi2caster is a Monotype composition caster control interface powered by Raspberry Pi.

Work on the project started in February 2014. By April, an electronics prototype was ready. The first version used Raspberry Pi B (rev. 1, then rev. 2) and has been repurposed for controlling a Monotype keyboard’s paper tower to make the paper ribbons for anyone who wants to stick with the traditional interface.

MkI – the first commercial version – was built in June 2015. One of them belongs to John Cornelisse at Enkidu Pers, the other is at Han Boordman’s Heavy Metal Letterpress. The box was integrated with the paper tower clamp, making the device compact, but the positioning on the paper tower was difficult. So, a new version…

The first MkII was built for the home base of the project – the Book Art Museum in Łódź, PL. Its beauty lies in using the original ribbon takeup spool for attaching the control unit to the caster’s paper tower. Putting the device on and taking it off is a matter of seconds, and no modifications to the machine are needed.

The software is in active development, fully free and open source, written in Python. Check out the sources at https://github.com/elegantandrogyne/rpi2caster

See also a thread at Metal Type: http://www.metaltype.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,1099.0.html where you can see the prototype, MkI and MkII.

See also the Book Art Museum’s typecasting atelier: https://www.flickr.com/photos/elegantandrogyne/albums/72157653482323328

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